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Fundraising ideas: Guess the weight of a pet

Join our fundraising team of volunteers

If you would like to volunteer some of your time, skills, ideas or networking ability to help us with our fundraising, we have many opportunities available.

Please contact either:

Secretary Christine Forecast
Tel.01485 57 27 67 or

Treasurer Mary Burton
Tel.01485 52 52 79

to have an informal chat with no obligation.

This is fun competition which would be an add-on at a fundraising event in your home.

First you need to weigh your pet – if it’s a smallish one that you can pick up, first weigh yourself and then again holding said pet, deduct one from the other and there you have the weight.  If the moggy/doggy is too big or vicious to hold, you need to think of some other way!

For a small fee, if your pet is friendly and small enough, encourage your guests to pick it up and guess its weight.  For larger animals, they have to guess by sight only!

Write down their name and estimate of weight.

The winner can be presented with a token prize.