Diagnosed 2009

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In 2009 I collapsed, and lost consciousness, at home, whilst with my two daughters, age 6 and 3 years old. My mother took me to my GP and I was referred to hospital immediately, had an MRI, and was kept in hospital. My husband joined me there and we were told the next day that I had a brain tumour.

I got in touch with Astro Brain Tumour Fund as soon as I found out the name of my brain tumour, especially when I needed help and advice.  I learned that it isn’t always the best thing to Google as it causes stress and isn’t always helpful as everyone’s tumour is different. I was referred to the Walton Centre and surgery was arranged. My tumour was WHO grade 2 astrocytoma and that there was a risk of it progressing to a higher grade. 

My surgery left me with some loss of sight, speech and memory problems and difficulties with names and faces. My biggest issue was that, because of the seizures, I was no longer able to drive. I have to say that the Walton Centre were just amazing with keeping contact with me and offering advice and support.  I have had speech therapy which has helped but I still have issues with reading recipes etc, resulting in some interesting meals, and I could not have coped without the help and support, and the sense of humour, of my family and friends.

Three years later, my tumour started to change and I this time I underwent an awake craniotomy but only part of the tumour could be removed, so the surgery was followed by radiotherapy. My tumour then behaved itself for some 7 years, giving me time to accept all that had changed for me. There has again been a small change in the tumour lately and I am on chemotherapy.  I feel lucky as the tumour is again stable. 

So there is me up to date.  I have family, children, lots of friends and as much as I appreciate them and I love them I will be honest and say I do still have some bad days.  But I appreciate life, strange and small things, trees, stars in the sky, things I would never have considered had this not happened to me.  I have raised funds for Astro Brain Tumour Fund over the past few years as I know that research is the only way to find a cure, and research needs money.  

I send all of love, hope and support to any one that is going through having a brain tumour, just try to not let it take you over.  If your tumour is awake or currently sleeping, you have to believe that you are stronger than you think and you can control your thoughts and live in hope of a breakthrough. Hope Always. Xx