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Fundraising ideas: Supper and fun quiz

Join our fundraising team of volunteers

If you would like to volunteer some of your time, skills, ideas or networking ability to help us with our fundraising, we have many opportunities available.

Please contact either:

Secretary Christine Forecast
Tel.01485 57 27 67 or

Treasurer Mary Burton
Tel.01485 52 52 79

to have an informal chat with no obligation.

You could also join our internet chat group where you can talk directly to others who are keen to raise funds for low-grade glioma research and support projects in the UK. The internet chat group enables us to develop new fundraising ideas and help each other as we organise events. All contributions to our plans, be they large or small, are equally welcome. It would be wonderful to welcome you onto the team!

Please apply for membership via the group's home page:

Suggested Venue
Village or Community Hall or similar

Brief Description of Event
Devise a quiz which can take many different forms.   Also supply a picture quiz (or similar) which guests can work on in between rounds.  I serve supper (something like lasagne, shepherds pie, sausage and mash) and a pudding before the quiz starts, or it could be served at the interval.  Other ideas for eating – get the local chippie to deliver fish and chips or serve ploughmans, salad, etc.  I charge £10 per ticket which includes a bottle of wine per table of four.  If guests want more drink, they can bring their own.  My event begins at 7pm and will be over by 10pm which includes drawing a raffle.

Sell raffle tickets as guests enter the hall.  Ask friends/family for contributions of prizes -around 10 prizes will be plenty.  Make sure there are one or two good prizes to tempt people to buy more tickets! I charge £1 per ticket and draw the raffle halfway through the quiz.

Handy Tips
You’ll need a fair size team in order for the food to be served quickly and also for washing up.

Quiz questions
I get my questions mainly from my daily newspaper which has various quizzes in it.  You can also find plenty online.  I do 100 questions in total, splitting them up into five sections.  I have tables of four in each team and usually manage to get about 15 tables.  I do multiple answer questions – it can all be put down on paper and the questions don’t have to be read out – just the answers.  See example.  Don’t make the questions too hard and make a good proportion easy – there will always be some “professional” pub quizzers who can answer more - it’s really disheartening and not very enjoyable if some people are unable to answer many and you want them to have a good time so that they come back next year!.    Keep the emphasis on “FUN”!   When announcing the results do not have a booby prize for the team which comes last – this can be most demoralising and embarrassing for them, just read out the top five or so and have a prize for the winners – just a token prize and something they can share.