Our Mission

The mission of Astro Brain Tumour Fund is to fund low-grade glioma research projects, and to provide a focus for the low-grade glioma community by offering a source of information, inspiration, connections and hope.
Astro Brain Tumour Fund is achieving this by:

  • Raising funds to support more LGG research projects in the UK
  • Gathering and sharing accurate and reliable information about low-grade brain tumours and associated topics, with particular reference to UK based health and support services
  • Raising awareness of the challenges of living with a low-grade brain tumour
  • Supporting and promoting all those who wish to help the low grade brain tumour community, in order to help increase the number of research and support projects related to low-grade brain tumours
  • Offering an opportunity for all those whose lives are touched by direct experience of this tumour type to support each other through our closed Facebook support page.