Things We Wish We’d Known

We are hoping that this information will help you with some of the issues that may arise after a diagnosis of a low-grade glioma. . As we are a UK based charity, some of this will not be relevant to those in other countries but it may give ideas to explore. The aim is to make this ‘journey’ less of an obstacle course!  Please do not think that, because these issues have been highlighted, that they will happen; it is just that if they do happen it is infuriating to find out afterwards that things could have been easier!

The Brain Tumour Patients’ Charter of Rights


Looking for information

Record keeping

Second Opinions

Preparing for surgery/treatments

After surgery

Top Tips for surgery from patients and carers

Top tips for radiotherapy from patients and carers

Your Brain Tumour Team


Support in the workplace

Other Support available.

Driving licence and getting around

Our Charity

Facebook Support Group

Whole Genome Sequencing