Preparing for surgery/treatments

*If you are going to have surgery, buy nightwear that buttons down the front rather than pulling clothing over your head.

*Buy things with loose sleeves or that give easy access to veins for blood tests, injections etc.

*Consider preparing meals in advance and freezing them.

*Family members or friends will be as shocked as you and in most cases will want desperately to help.  If you have children, involve those who want to help with school school runs or pick ups or to act as chauffeur to get you to and from hospital appointments etc, childminding while you rest, preparing meals, ironing, housework etc.  Give them practical things to do…they will feel they are helping and it will take the pressure off you.

*Our biggest motto is ‘be kind to yourself’ and accept the help.

*Most people are in and out of hospital quite quickly but if you do end up staying in hospital for longer than a few days, and family are visiting for long periods of time, do ask the ward sister about special hospital parking rates. This is info not normally freely given out and hospital car parks are expensive!