Bag packing at local supermarket

Suggested Venue

Your local supermarket
Brief Description of Event
Approach the manager, they can be difficult to pin down, so emailing may be best, and ask if they would allow you to bag pack, asking customers for a small donation if you help them to pack their shopping for them.

Further Details

Take leaflets and info with you and, if you feel able to, tell your personal story. Dates usually have to be arranged months in advance. If successful and you have a choice, Saturday is usually the best day. Enlist the aid of as many family and friends as you can to help – the more the better.

Bag packing

We wore our charity T shirts and also made simple paper hats with our name and logo on – just makes you more noticeable. Place collection pots on each till you are standing at, and as suspicious as this may sound, keep an eye on them or better still chain them to something! Sad but true! As people get to the till, just ask them something like ‘We are raising money for brain tumour research and wonder if we could help you pack your bags for a small donation?’ Most people are very happy to oblige. Ask people if they like their bags packed in a particular way as we discovered that some people are very particular about e.g. fresh veg going in with detergent etc.

Have leaflets available to give out – I found that some people asked for more info and, as it can get very busy, it is worth having them to hand out. After the event, let the manager know how much you raised. I wrote to our local store manager, thanking him and his staff, and I saw that he pinned it up on the notice board for customers to see, so they were also thanked!