Bridge day

Suggested Venue

Village hall, pub or hotel, restaurant or large house with as many tables for four as possible – I aim for twenty tables.

Brief Description of Event

Having organised this as an annual event for seven years, I use the same hotel each year and have a lot of people looking forward to the day. The formula I have found that works best is that people arrive at 10.30 am for coffee & biscuits, play bridge between 11.00 & 12.45 when a two course lunch is served. Drinks can be bought from the bar. Play starts again from 2.00 to 4.00 when a cup of tea & biscuits are served. I have charged £20 per head for all the seven years & have a good deal from the hotel I use for all the food & coffee/tea. I contact all the bridge clubs within a 50 mile radius & now have a list of players I email annually. 


I find people who cannot attend the day often give a raffle prize but 20 or more good prizes are needed. I sell tickets at £1 per strip.

Handy Tips

A person to monitor any bridge questions and to oversee the movement of players between tables is essential. Tables should be numbered & prizes given to the 2 sets of players with the best scores.

Equipment needed for 80 players

20 tables, 20 bridge table cloths, 40 packs of cards, 100 score cards, 1-20 numbers for the tables, pencils. Table to display the raffle prizes, raffle tickets, money container.

I send out an invitation letter & ask for a self-addressed envelope to send out the tickets after receiving their money.