Car Boot Sale

Suggested Venue
Look out for venue near you – if you can’t find one go to

Brief Description of Event
If you have items that you no longer need, consider trying to sell them at a Car Boot sale.  Also ask friends and family for contributions.

Further details and tips
Try to stick to crockery, books, clothes, toiletries, costume jewellery or other small items.  Make sure, when you ask for goods that you specify that you cannot take anything too bulky or large – someone tried to give me an armchair – lovely – but it would have filled the car up! Avoid individual pricing, but group 50p items, and £1 items in boxes etc and people just rifle through.  Things of good quality can be put on a table top and priced.  Take plenty of empty carrier bags and plenty of change.  Be flexible, but stick to your guns about not letting things go too cheaply too early on in the day.  As the day progresses, be more prepared to drop prices as you don’t really want to take it home!   Many car boot sale sites have people who buy up your ‘leftovers’ at the end, especially clothes, by the bagful.

I painted on an old sheet in big letters ‘All proceeds to Astro Brain Tumour Fund’ in very large letters on it and hung it on the side of the car, where it could be easily seen. I had leaflets available to give out if people wanted them. I also printed out A4 sheets of paper with some of the ‘stark facts about brain tumours’ which I found generated quite a bit of conversation and raised awareness.

Do use a bumbag for putting any money in…the safest way at a car boot sale! Again helpful if there are two of you as you may need eyes in the back of your head and you don’t want to leave the car unattended to find a loo!