Partylite Candle Party

Suggested Venue

Your home


Send invites to friends and family a few weeks in advance a few weeks in advance.  I tend to do the event about two months before Christmas so there is plenty of time for the goods to be delivered.

Brief Description of Event

Partylite are a bit like Tupperware parties of years gone by – they sell perfumed candles and other accessories for the home.

You can find a Partylite consultant  in your area by going online but be sure to check with the consultant that the commission you would normally earn can go to a charity….to my knowledge most of them do.

Further details

Partylite products are of a very high quality and make perfect gifts.  A percentage of what is spent is donated to the charity.   The Partylite consultant deals with the sale of candles etc, leaving you to make more money by running other events alongside.

Raffle and Refreshments

You can also run a Raffle alongside selling the products and also offer refreshments for a donation.

Other Ideas

Also consider other games such as “Guess the Weight of the Cake” or “Name the Teddy bear” – if you happen to have a spare teddy bear lying around!