Wear a Hat

Wear a Hat Day is the UK’s largest and most famous National Brain Tumour Awareness and Fundraising campaign, created by the charity Brain Tumour Research www.braintumourresearch.org.  Wear a Hat Day is run as an awareness raising campaign throughout the month of March, which is National Brain Tumour Awareness month.  Various events during the month will help to maximise awareness, culminating in the official Wear a Hat Day on Friday, 27th March 2020.  Likened to Red Nose Day for Brain Tumours by the media, Wear a Hat Day is a really fun way to get involved in a very important cause.  Coming up for its 11th year, Wear a Hat Day 2020 will be the biggest and boldest yet.

Getting involved in Wear a Hat Day is really simple – anyone and everyone can join in, from schools, colleges and universities to shops, offices and clubs.  Young or old, no one is excluded!  All you have to do is:-:

Choose a day in March (whichever day suits you best) on which to celebrate YOUR Wear a Hat Day!  If a day in March isn’t suitable or convenient, then choose any other day of the year!

Wear a hat

On the day itself, encourage everyone to don a hat of their choice and ask for a £1 donation from everyone.  The more people wearing hats, the greater the awareness and the bigger the fundraising achievement will be.  Don’t forget to take photos of the event which we can use for publicity purposes.

Wear a Hat Day can be celebrated with just about any kind of fundraising event – common activities include:-

  1. Best Hat
  2. Hat Throwing Competition
  3. Raffle
  4. Sponsored Silences
  5. Passing the Hat to collect Donations
  6. Coffee Morning
  7. Dinner Party
  8. Design your own Hat
  9. Hat throwing contest
  10. Quiz

Whichever event you celebrate it with, why not also hold a Best Hat competition alongside?