With inflation hitting hard, lots of people are feeling the pinch moneywise at present and it can be so frustrating if you’re unable to go out to work.  However, there are more and more ways to make money without having to leave the comfort of your own four walls.  Here are a few:-


You can make money by trying out websites and saying what you think of them.  A site called

User Testing  is always looking for people to try out different websites and give their views.  You get paid per session, through Paypal, and payments vary depending on the test, but are on average about £8.50 a session.

One of the better survey sites is YouGov  (where you accumulate points which can be redeemed for cash or rewards)

Ipsos iSay  gives you points for doing its surveys which you can then redeem for pre-paid credit cards or vouchers for Tesco, Amazon, M&S and much more.

Swagbucks  is a site that rewards you for online activity such as answering polls, completing surveys or watching videos. It gives you points (called ‘SB’), which you can then cash in for gift cards, PayPal credit or other rewards.


Do you have office experience?  Can you type, do book-keeping, or organise meetings or events?  Then you could make between £15 and £35 an hour depending on your experience and skills as a Virtual Assistant (VA) helping business people around the world with their admin.  The tricky bit is getting the work in the first place, but you can get help with this through various VA organisations such as the Society of Virtual Assistants  which has a vacancies board for its members.


This is a great source of income for those stuck at home.  If you’re able to get out a bit, then you could offer dog walking, too, on a regular ad-hoc basis.

For those who need to stay indoors, looking after someone’s cat, budgie or small furry animal when they are away, could still be an option.  The average rate for pet boarding in your own home is about £15 a day, depending on where you live, while dog-walking can be anything from £10 to £15 an hour.

You can get all this work simply by word of mouth around the neighbourhood and on local Facebook Groups or www.nextdoor.co.uk.  Or you can join a pet-sitting agency such as Paw Shake www.pawshake.co.uk .


Have you considered selling yourself by setting up a blog?  There are hundreds of articles online on how to create a successful one.  www.hubspot.com is good for blog and marketing ideas but don’t expect immediate cash.  It can take quite a while to build up a fan base.

For other ideas too numerous to mention here, go to websites such as Shopify  and Informi.

We hope these suggestions and ideas help to get you started – the bonus in all this is that it’s a great moral boost to feel that you’re offering a valuable service and hopefully making a little money too!