Gung Ho North East 2019

Raised : £311
Date : 14th Sep 2019
Gung Ho North East 2019 Main Image

“My name is Samantha Bruce. In January 2018 at the age of 28 I was diagnosed with a Grade II Astrocytoma, measuring 10 by 4cm in my left frontal lobe. This came as a huge shock to my family, friends and myself. I had just moved in with my boyfriend and graduated as a Mental Health Counsellor two months before. I was looking forward to my new beginning but instead, I had to have 2 brain surgeries and an aggressive course of radiotherapy. I suffered severe seizures for a year after and I was in and out of hospital.

I found my diagnosis very difficult to come to terms with and I don’t think I’ll ever fully accept it. Watching what my family and friends were going through as a result was the hardest part of it. While I was ill, I made a goal to participate in an event when I felt well enough to do so.

In September 2019 myself and 5 friends signed up to GUNG-HO 5K to raise money for Astro Brain Tumour Fund. We had such fun on the inflatables during the course and we raised £528 in sponsor money! It was great to smile again and do something “normal”. I was so proud that I achieved my goal! J
I have found that turning my negative energy into something positive has helped me to carry on, while helping to raise money for vital research.

I still have my good and bad days, anxiety and depression, but I am now determined to live my life to the full and get back up again a stronger person.
Anyone living with a brain tumour will relate to the desperation of finding a cure, I’m so proud that I have contributed to this. Let’s stand tall and FIGHT together for a world without brain tumours!
Lots of love to you all xxx”

Samantha raised £311 for Astro Brain Tumour Fund